Bespoke Ring Designs


Put your trust in us

Liam Ross is Jenny’s husband and the master jeweller.  

We have our own workshop on William Street in the heart of Edinburgh’s West End. We have complete control over the design, sourcing, making and after care of our jewellery to get your perfect result.



Lab Grown Diamonds  

REAL diamonds grown in a lab. Eco friendly and sustainable.  

Up to 70% cheaper than mined diamonds. 

Mined Diamonds 

Conflict free, Earth mined diamonds are more rare and their price represents that. All our diamonds are certified and  purchased from trusted suppliers.


Create your perfect ring... 

• Try on our samples, find a design or style you love 

• Let us source your diamond or alternative gemstone.  

View in store or online 

We would love you to collect in store or we can arrange safe delivery for fitting and essential paperwork. Your bespoke wedding ring will be handmade and hallmarked in Edinburgh. We offer a lifetime after-care service of free cleaning and checking, as a small family business we genuinely care about your purchase and will make sure you are happy and the rings fit as best they can.


Any other questions please call 0131 663 7445 or email