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We would love to invite you in with a friend or loved one for a Permanent Welded Friendship bracelet. SAKURA
Bracelets. Japanese for Blossom. These bracelets remind you to THRIVE and live every second as long as it lasts.
The process begins by helping you choose a chain and then cutting it to fit perfectly. A welding machine is used to essentially weld the two ends of the chain together to create a clasp-less permanent bracelet. We can help you to add charms or dangles for a more
personalized look.
Enjoy the boutique to yourself during your appointment in a special treat afternoon.



Choose a charm:
We always have a choice of silver charms and 9ct yellow gold charms available on the day. If you would like a specific charm, birthstone or initial we can order these in for you in advance. Please allow 7-10 days for this.

Email: jennyblossomjewellery@gmail.com 

Silver charms start at £10, 9ct yellow gold charms start at £30.


Choice of chain:
We always have a choice of 3 different styles of silver chains, 3 alternative 9ct yellow gold and at least 1 white gold choice of chain in store. If you have a specific chain request we can order this in for you.

Please allow us 7-10 days to arrange this for you. Email:


Is it safe? Yes! We use the welding machine everyday for repairs and jewellery making. Our jeweller
has been fully trained in the procedure and we are insured to provide this service instore. We will protect your skin during the welding and we will ask you to wear protective glasses to protect against the bright flash.
Can I remove my bracelet? Our bracelets can be cut off with a pair of sharp scissors if you need to remove it or change your mind. We can add a clasp so you can still wear your bracelet. £25 charge for clasp. £25 charge for re-welding.

What happens if my bracelet breaks? If the bracelet breaks through a fault we will endeavour to reweld at your earliest convenience. A fault is usually a weak link in the first two weeks. If the
bracelet break is due to wear and tear we will can reweld at a charge of £25.00.


Sterling silver bracelet includes welding experience: £60

9ct yellow gold bracelet includes welding experience: £90

9ct white gold bracelet includes welding experience: £90

You can also purchase a voucher for the welding experience for yourself or a loved one here:

Voucher for silver welded bracelet experience

Voucher for gold welded bracelet experience

Any other questions please call 0131 663 7445 or email jennyblossomjewellery@gmail.com